Friday, January 25, 2008

Could The Rumors Be True?

There has always been a bit of speculation as to the order of how adsense processes their payments. I have recently seen a post from someone who has received their adsense payment by both options - EFT and regular check in the mail. It is their opinion that adsense does indeed process payments for those that have the check option simply because it takes them longer to receive the payment than if they chose the EFT option.

Of course this is only an opinion and adsense does not tell us how and in what order they process their payments. But by being online I have been seeing bits of information about adsense's payment process and even though it is my opinion too it looks like adsense does process people who have the check option faster than they do those that have the EFT option. I base this on the fact of the posts that I have seen where people have posted that they have gotten the "PIP" line on their adsense payment history and they are located within the same general area as I have which makes me wonder why I haven't seen the "payment in process" line on my own adsense account.

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