Thursday, January 24, 2008

We Have Our First Sighting Of A Payment In Progress For This Month - January 2008!

Well we're at the monthly "waiting for the adsense payment" game! I have been looking around looking for some sign of someone getting a "payment in progress" line on their adsense account and today (EUREKA!) I found it!

Someone has reported that they have gotten the "PIP" line - they are from NY and they are getting their payment by check.

Now I have seen some postings that have said that adsense pays those who have the option of being paid by check earlier but adsense themselves say that this is not true.

Personally I was trying to guess-ti-mate when my "payment in progress" line would appear by looking for a past month that had the same date configuration as January 2008. What I found was that May 2007 had the same date configuration and according to my past adsense payment history I received the "PIP" line on the 23rd - so I thought the same thing would happen this month. It didn't because we're now at the 24th of the month and still no "payment in progress" line for me yet. But at least I know that someone else has received it which means that the rest of us can't be too far behind.

Thanks to the Webmaster's Forum For the January PIP thread!

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