Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Well, There Has Been A Payment In Progress Sighting!

I checked the related adsense boards to see if anyone posted about getting their "PIP" line and indeed someone posted that they got theirs! Someone who posted that they were from Michigan posted that they got their Adsense "payment in progress" line posted today on their adsense account.

Now I went and checked my own google adsense account and there was no "PIP" line there - yet! But once someone starts posting that they got their "payment in progress" line I know that (hopefully) my own adsense payment shouldn't be too far behind!

Hopefully I'll get it BEFORE Christmas so that I can spend it BEFORE Christmas.

Also a popular rumor going around is that Adsense processes those who get their adsense payment by check first but Adsense themself has said that this is not true. But Adsense doesn't say how they actually process the adsense payments and Adsense also doesn't say in what order they process payments. So in the meantime that just leaves the rest of us with going through the guessing game!

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