Saturday, December 19, 2009

You Are Scheduled To Be Sent A Payment..........

Google Adsense

"You are scheduled to be sent a payment"........

I didn't think to look at this for a few days because I was busy working on getting my Google Adsense earning numbers up. But for some reason I decided to check my payment history - probably in the hopes that the "payment in progress" line would be showing in my Google Adsense account (which it didn't

But I did see the message below:

This means that the Google Adsense payment process has begun! This doesn't mean that the "payment in progress" line is showing yet. It just means that for those that have Google Adsense on their sites that the process for processing the payments has begun.

I'm encouraged by the fact that this message is showing on the 19th of the month because in previous months when this message was shown at around the same time it meant that we got our Google Adsense payments earlier than usual.

Add to that the fact that there is the hope that we will get our Google Adsense payments BEFORE Christmas that just makes the whole topic of when we will get our Google Adsense payments more popular at the moment.

I'll keep my eyes out for that first "PIP" posting!

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