Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Working To Bring Those Adsense Earnings Up!

If your Google Adsense earnings are down and you want to work to make your Google Adsense earnings go up then you have to identify your Adsense "problem areas!

Take a look at the screenshot below:

These are my Adsense numbers for today - so far!

Take a look at my adsense click-thru-rate. As an adsense publisher my goal for Adsense click thru rate is to have at least a 10% ctr on my adsense earnings. Now there have been times when my adsense click through rate has been higher and there have been times when my adsense click-thru-rate has been lower. But as you can see from the screenshot I am pretty much within my Adsense click thru rate goals.

How do you get a high adsense click thru rate? To get a high click through means that a good portion of the people that visit your adsense site are clicking on your adsense ads. That may be because the adsense ads that are appearing on your site are relative to the content on your site OR the adsense ads on your site are NOT relative to the content on your site BUT the adsense ads that are appearing on your site are interesting enough that they are being clicked on anyway.

Now take a look at the ecpm which means the estimate cost per click. That number means that the average price of the clicks are getting are in that number range. So this is another good example of how adsense publishers can incorporate higher-paying keywords into the content of their site so that they can earn more money per Adsense ad that gets clicked on their site.

If your Adsense earnings are down don't whine or complain about it.

Do something about it!


Anonymous said...

Wow Rose! Are you up to over $55.00 per day on AdSense? That is really awesome. You used to show that amount in two weeks but you are now making that in one day? You rock Rose!

Sister2brother said...

There was a recent blog post about the $90 I made for one day so as you can see from the pictures my Adsense is going up and down. I'm just working hard on getting my numbers up so that I can be one those Adsense Millionaires!

Anonymous said...

You are making a lot more than most AdSense people, Rose. I am sure you will make it to be an AdSense millionaire at this rate.

From previous posts I've seen, it seems that you were barely making it past the $100.00 mark per month, so this is a huge improvement. What do you attribute this to?

Sister2brother said...

Well you're confusing me with Rose and her blog. However Rose is a contributing writer to this blog.

The only that I can say about my Adsense earnings increasing is that I am putting more work into it. Plus I am using my own high-paying keyword list to put more higher-paying keyword content into my sites so that I earn more money per click. And so far you are seeing the end results - which are good - thank goodness!

Rose said...

I have to honestly say that my Adsense numbers are quite down. I even posted about it on one of the related adsense forums and I have found that I am not alone. I going to try using the high-paying keyword list so that I can put more high-paying keywords into my sites so that I can also earn more money per click!

Anonymous said...

Rose, I'm sorry but this is so obvious. You, as Sister2Brother, reply to my comment, then just 3 minutes later, you come on as "Rose" and reply as well, to make it seem to people that you are two different people. You are the same person, Rose, come on now! That is nothing to be ashamed of.

Sister2brother said...

This is really the last time that I am going to respond to a post like this! Rose is a contributing writer on this blog and I am a contributing writer on Rose's Working From Home Blog. There have been times when Rose and I have used the same computer but that's about it.