Thursday, October 4, 2007

Auction Ads - Why Is My Payment Taking So Long?

According to their website, auction ads say that they send out payments during the first of the month. It is now October 4th and I have yet to see any payment made to my account.

This is very frustrating and it reminds me of last month's wait for the adsense payment. In that case I wasn't the only persoon that was upset because the adsense payments were so late in coming!

However since this is my first auctionads payment I am very anxious to get receive my payment. I sent them an email asking about whether or not I would get a payment this month and they emailed me back later in the morning saying that I would receive a payment this month. So far I haven't received anything yet so I sent them another email yesterday but I still haven't heard back from them.

I'm very anxious to get my payment! However since this is a Thursday going on a Friday that means that if a payment is made to me on Friday then there is a 2 step process that has to be gone through which will take at least 2 business days! Now since Monday is Columbus Day I'll have to check and see if the banks will be operating on that day - if not then the process will take 3 days!

I don't understand why I am having so much problems with receiving my auctionads payment. I got an email saying that I would get a payment this month and since auctionads' site says that they issue payments on the first of the mont = then where is my payment?

*10/13/07 - I just got an email from them today saying that they are looking into the matter. When I find out more I will post here.

10/20/07 - Update! - I finally did receive my first Auction Ads payment! If I earn enough to get a payment next month I hope it doesn't take as long or be so complicated!

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