Sunday, October 14, 2007

"When Will I Get Paid?"

First of all congratulations on making enough to get your adsense payment (I don't know if its your first adsense payment or not)

Here is the general rule regarding the payments

When you have reached $100 in earnings in a month you should expect to receive a payment. However the payment won't come to you until the next month and it will be AFTER the 15th of the next month at its soonest because the 15th of the month is the last date of the "holding" period - that is the period where people can change their account information and things like a change of address or if they want to change how they receive a payment.

If you're getting paid by EFT/bank transfer then the "average" date that you will see it show in your account would be the 25th of the month. Note I say "average" because you may get the payment sooner or you may get it later.

If you are getting paid by check then it will be a few days or even a week later then mentioned above.

Adsense's policy says that those who are getting paid by bank transfer can expect their payment by the 5th of the next, next month. If its not received by then, then you can contact them and find out why and possibly get a "replacement" payment.

If you are getting paid by check then you can expect your payment by the 25th of the next, next month and it you don't receive it by then you can contact adsense about getting a "replacement" check.

Now even though I mentioned adsense's "official" policy towards payment it has been my experience so far that the payments come a week or so before the "actual" stated policy date - which I'm sure adsense has to allow for "whatever" problems may come up.

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