Wednesday, October 10, 2007

How Come The Adsense Ads That Appear On My Site Don't Have Anything To Do With The Content Of My Site?

If the adsense ads that are on your site are not related to the content of your site then you definitely are missing something because the adsense ads are drawing from the content of your site so it means that the adsense ads are working right - it's just the contents of your site that isn't working "right".

Now I know that you are probably saying "How could MY content not be right?". You have to remember that the adsense spiders are basically robots / machines and that they crawl your site's contents with machine (and not human) eyes! That means that they won't be able to distinguish that your "Sunshine's Flower Store" website has to do with flowers and not sunshine. Clearly if adsense's "spiders" were human then the human spiders would be able to see that your site has to do with flowers and not sunshine. But such is not the case!

Okay so how do you get the ads to relate to the content of your site?

You have 2 options here

  • Change the wording and the content of your site. Now you don't have to give your site a major overhaul - just change the wording of your site so that the adsense spiders will find the right kind of content for the right kind of ads that you want showing on your site. Now this is going to take a bit of work and a bit of practice but honestly speaking if you want the ads to relate to the content of your site then you have to do it. Now you can't tell from this blog but if you go to one of my client's blogs - Hamming It Up - you will see that the adsense ads that appear on this blog are related to the content of the blog. You will also see that the blog posts don't compromise the intent / true meaning of the blog just to get the "right" adsense ads to appear. You can do the same thing with your blog.

  • You can implement "section targeting" on your blog so you can target the content that the adsense spiders will crawl for when searching for keyword content on your site.

    What are the "section-targeting" codes?



Sister2brother said...

Actually there is now a third option.

You can also target your ads by adding the adsense referral ads. They let you target more specific ads.

HelpFightScams said...

Thanks for the advise.

I happened to look at one of my blogs at and noticed NONE of the G-ads were showing on the main page. A little more digging and I noticed that MOST pages was also not showing any ads (where they used to) some pages were but not even close to relevant ads.

Not sure why all of a sudden ads were not relevant when they used to be, but I simply entered this code covering all the content under "Known Phishing Scams" and wola, they are back on most pages and seem to now be relevant once again.

Is it wise to have this much content within the brackets?

Thanks again for helping me figure this out.