Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How Does Adsense "Crawl" My Site?

I am using Google Analytics for tracking the sources of my page visits etc. Google Analytics is great. I think there is some number, like for this many words in an article this much number of keywords should be there. I have heard that some where. But not getting the exact stats for that. I mean, If there are 100 words in my article, then my article should have atleast 30 words which is main keyword. Can u let me know if u have any idea about this?


Unfortunately it's not as simple as that. A lot of things go into optimizing your site for the search engines. It's not how many times you use a keyword - its HOW you use your keywords in the content of your site.

That is why I constantly work on optimizing my blog so that it shows up at least on page 1-2 of google's search engine results. So far I have managed to do that for myself and for my clients.

You have to know how to work on incorporating the keywords into your site - NOT how many times the keywords appear on your site.

If you just do a little research you will see that other sites will get ranked higher than your site because of the way they incorporate your keywords

It's not the quantity of the keyword but the quality of the keywords that matter.

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