Friday, October 12, 2007

How Come I Get Clicks But No Earnings?

If you are checking your adsense earnings and you see that you have gotten a number of clicks but you haven't earned any money from those clicks it could either one of two reasons:

  • the ads that are appearing on your site are public service ads and therefore you don't get any earnings if people click on them

  • the clicks (for whatever reason) are being counted as invalid clicks

Comments Received

mjhns2839 said...

I would appeciate someone checking to see if I am setup correctly. I am certain someone has visited the blog, but there is no payment 0.00 for the Ads.

My email is

As I have noted on this blog before - I do not review websites for free! If you are interested in hiring me to take a look at your blog then please go to the very first and top-most post on this blog as it explains what I do and what my services are as an Adsense Consultant. My basic packages start at $100.

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