Friday, October 26, 2007

October 2007 - Payment In Progress?

Well there it is! The infamous "Payment In Progress" line (or PIP for short)! Just in case you're wondering, I'm on the East Coast and the PIP line is dated yesterday!

You can also view the current discussion thread about the current "payment in progress" line for this month.

For some reason this just seems to be an odd occurence of that "payment in progress" line showing up on a Thursday. If you have opted for EFT then usually it only takes one business day for your adsense payment to show up in your bank account. But like I said - for some odd reason - it is not showing up today which is Friday which means that you would have to wait until at least Monday to see if your adsense payment will show in your account.

I've been looking at the boards to see if anyone else has discussed this but so far I haven't seen anyone else talking about it - I think its weird!

Update - Well I got my adsense payment (and spent some of it (-: already!)

It seems like those adsense payments are coming later and later!

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