Sunday, October 14, 2007

How Can I Increase My Adsense Income?

There are 2 general rules for increasing your adsense income

  • increase the traffic to your site. More traffic means more potential clicks thus meaning more potential adsense earnings

  • put more higher-paying keyword content into your site.

    The internet abounds with sites that say they have a list of high-paying keywords - including my own (which I test on my and my clients sites all the time to see how successfully these high-paying keywords pay as far as rates). I have seen some rates as high as $1000! There are even some high-paying keywords that could earn you $15 per click!

The above are good rules to follow in general. But next comes specifics!

A lot will depend on what your site or blog is actually about. Knowing that will determine where you (and how you) can increase your adsense earnings.

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