Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Still Waiting For My Auction Ads Payment!

I could be just a little over-anxious because this is my first Auction Ads payment ever. According to their blog they say that they issue payments on the first of the month for last month's earnings.

Here is an excerpt from their blog:

"AuctionAds Publishers, we were excited to get our first set of payments out to you today! Please note that we sent out your month one earnings via PayPal today from “Shoe Money Media Group”. Moving forward payments will be from our AuctionAds PayPal account but please look for the “Shoe Money Media Group” payment for today.

One question we’ve gotten from a few publishers is why they weren’t paid for the 31st of the month. Due to our net-0 terms and the time it takes to reconcile, earnings from the last day of the month go onto the next month.

We are excited about the growth in publisher earnings we saw in our first month of business! Please note that it can take time to ramp up earnings but our publishers who have given the program time have seen great results. We have many new features and announcements coming soon so stay tuned!

So I am still anxiously waiting for my first Auction Ads payment!


Lumpy said...

So did you ever get paid? Is Auction Ads worth it for you?

Sister2brother said...

I did eventually get paid. After several emails back and forth with them I got a payment during the middle of the month.

While I am glad and grateful that I finally did get the payment so far I haven't earned anything since which makes me feel a little bit more than suspicious about the whole thing.

I won't delete the auction ads yet but the whole experience is making me wonder if they are "messing" with my account. I'm sure they are not but after getting over 1000 impression you would think that I would be aarning something even if it was just a penny...........but so far nothing