Monday, February 25, 2008

Adsense Has An Updated Terms Of Service Notice!

Have you tried to log in to your adsense account today?

Then chances are you were hit with the new / updated Adsense Terms Of Service notice.

You have until May 25th to agree to these new terms or you will no longer be able to acess your adsense account!

Since I am just becoming aware of this it will take me some time to go through adsense's new terms of service and figure out what their TOS says (and mean)

Here is a link to a web article that talks more about it.


catherine2 said...

Nope, logged in today and yesterday, no new terms of agreement greeted me? Is it maybe only for US citizens? (I am in Canada?)

Sister2brother said...

I was waiting for you to answer back because I find it hard to believe that the new TOS applies just to those in the US