Saturday, February 23, 2008

No "Payment In Progress" Yet! )-:

Despite there being a "PIP" reported sighting there is no "payment in progress" line appearing in my adsense account yet. (Of course I'm quite pissed!)

Since I don't remember ever seeing the "PIP" line appearing during the weekend my next hope is that it will show on Monday - which is 2 days away!


catherine2 said...

2:13 PM on Monday afternoon, here in Ontario - and no sign yet of PIP on my Adsense account!

Sister2brother said...

I believe we are both on the same time zone and after reading your comment I decided to check my adsense account again just to see if the PIP line showed up.

Unfortunatel as of 3:45pm the "payment in progress" line still hasn't showed up. )-:

Now my past experience with this - some people have posted that adsense will wait until AFTER the banks close to start their payment process so that means that if the "PIP" does show it won't be showing until after 7pm my (our) time.

It really is a stressful thing waiting for that adsense check!