Saturday, February 9, 2008

Having Problems Adding Your Adsense Codes?

It seems that there are a lot of people having trouble adding their adsense codes. As far as my clients are concerned there are 2 ways that their codes are added. Either I have access to their adsense account or I talk them through adding the adsense codes to their website or blog.

Before had their new version you could simply go to your template and add the coding where you wanted it to appear. Now with's new layouts you can either have add your adsense codes to the bottom of your blog posts (you can click here to see an example of blogger adding your adsense ads to your blog posts) or you can add the adsense coding yourself by "adding a new page element" to your blog and then pasting the adsense codes to your new "page element".

As simple as this may seem there are still a lot of people who haven't been able to get their adsense codes on their site.

It is a very kind of hard thing to explain - especially when its going to depend on where you want to add your adsense codes.

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Sister2brother said...

3/16/08 Update! - Here is a similar reply that I posted:

There seem to be a lot of postings asking about how one pastes their adsense ad codes to their site.

First of all it would help to know if you said whether you are pasting to a blog (and which blog host because they have differences as to html editing) or to a website.

Even with that information what is needed to be know is WHERE you want the ads to appear on your site - which brings up the question of what kind of adsense ad layout do you have - which is a question that has to be asked because putting certain layouts at certain areas of one's website may cause an abundance of white space

Do you have any experience with editing websites? Have you edited your website before? Are you familiar with html coding?

It could be that you are just trying too hard! But helping with DETAILED instructions on where to paste the adsense codes on your site or blog is going to be difficult!