Thursday, February 14, 2008

"I Don't "Get" Adsense?"

Here is an email that was in my inbox. I'm having trouble replying to the email because it seems as though my email program is acting up. But it is a good question to post here because I am sure that this person isn't the only one that feels this way.

"Hey why is al(l) of this made to be so easy and its not. Am I stupid? I dont get adsense on how to add more advertising,Help if you can let me know were I need to start.

Well first of all your post seems kind of confusing.

First you have to apply to join the adsense program. You are going to have to submit the url of your website or blog so that adsense can review and approve your site. After your site has been approved you can then log in to your adsense account and start going through the process of adding your adsense ads.

You are going to be picking things like ad size and color. However you can't pick which specific ads appear on your site because that will be determined by the content that is on your site. To make your adsense ads more specific and more relevent to the content of your site you can do "section-targeting" which is explained in detail on adsense's own help site.

I do not think that you are stupid. I do think that adsense is new to you and you may just be becoming frustrated because you are trying something new for the first time.

Lots of people seem to be having trouble adding the adsense ads to their sites. Although there are no adsense ads on this blog, you can take a look at one of my client's blog to see what a properly configured adsense ad site would look like.

About the best piece of advice that I can give as far you being able to earn adsense money (or more adsense money) is to pick a theme for your site - that way you stand a much better chance of getting more targeted ads for your site.

Now the question comes up of whether or not you can make a business out of adsense - in other words can you make an adsense site solely to make money as opposed to you have a site about something that interests you and then adding adsense as an afterthought. Of course the answer is yes but since you are going to treat it as a business you are going to have to look at it as a business.

There are certain subjects that advertisers are willing to pay a high price for. So if you start a blog or website using these high-paying keywords then you have the potential to earn a lot more in adsense money. However there are people that have adsense ads on sites with subject matter that they are interested in or passionate about - so it does work both ways. However my best piece of advice would be to have your adsense ads on a site with subject matter that you are interested in or are passionate about!

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