Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why The Big Fuss About Getting The Adsense Payment?

As hard as it might be hard to believe a lot of people depend on their adsense payment. Forget the logic about not "putting one's eggs" in only one basket!

I saw one post from a guy in a foreign country (India - I think) who posted that he was waiting on his adsense payment to buy food!

Another contributing factor is that Adsense is not specific about when they will actually place that "payment in progress" line on a person's adsense account and people get frustrated trying to contact adsense about this matter.

Adsense does protect itself by saying that if a payment isn't received by a certain date then a reissue of the payment can be applied for - however that date is many, many days ahead of when payments are normally issued.

Like it or not some people are not going to be logical as far as getting their adsense payment is concerned!

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