Sunday, February 10, 2008

I Reached The $100 Minimum Needed To Get An Adsense Payment Next Month!

As you can see from the picture I made it to the $100 minimum needed to assure me getting an adsense payment during the month of March 2008!

There are some numbers that I blotted out but there are some numbers that I let stay and this is mostly the number of page impressions. As you can see from the picture I do not get a huge amount of website traffic but I have gotten enough clicks to make at least the $100 minimum.

Like I have posted before I try to work on getting at least a 10% click thru rate - sometimes I get it and sometimes I don't!

I have also posted on this blog that so far January 2008 is my highest adsense earnings month to date!

So if you have adsense on your site (or you have a site that you don't think gets enough traffic for adsense) and you're not earning anything then take a good look at the picture above and you will see that you do not need a huge amount of traffic to your site in order to earn - at least the minimum - from adsense!


Skeptic said...

Interesting, but you don't have any Google ads on your blog, only Bidvertiser!!! How can you get these earnings?

Sister2brother said...

Like I have said before, the reason why there are no adsense ads on this blog is because it is against Adsense's TOS to have a URL with the word "adsense" in it. And like I said before I found this out AFTER I started this blog.

This blog already had a reputation by then so I decided to keep this blog and put my adsense ads on my other sites.

There are quite a few links to my other sites here that have the adsense ads on them.

Skeptic said...

Ah, I see, congratulations on the $100

Sister2brother said...

Thank you for the "Congratulations"! I'm very proud of myself - but more importantly it shows that I know of what I speak!

So many people are complaining that they are not making any money with adsense and they should see some good examples of people (like me) who are proving that it can be done.

You just have to continue to work on your website or blog if you want to be able to optimize it to get the most amount of adsense earnings that you can.

I'm happy to report that since I posted this blog entry my earnings have now DOUBLED! and I'm hoping that they will TRIPLE! by the end of this month!