Friday, February 8, 2008

How's THIS For Search Engine Results!

The Adsense Consultant

Even though a link to my blog shows up on Page 1 of Google's search engine resuts for the term "adsense consultant", I sss that my link is sloowwwlly moving up page 1!

I've been trying hard to crack the top four listings for "adsense consultant" and today I had a chance to look at my search engine rankings and I am indeed moving up higher on the search engine results!

In order to get your blog (or website) high in the search engine rankings you are going to have to continuously work on the content of your site!


As of May 2011 my search engine results for "adsense consultant still ranks both of my adsense blogs on the first page of the search engine results! Links to my blogs are #2, #3 and #5 on the first page of the search engine results!


Anonymous said...

You took the hard way to the top. It's a lot easier to be number one if you're using a search term which you coined yourself, such as mythcity linking to Then, once your website is a worldwide phenomenon, your word will enter the English language and justify your claim to search engine dominance.

Sister2brother said...

Actually I didn't "coin" the phrase myself. Ever since adsense has become popular people have been looking for adsense consultants and I can tell this because of the information on my "stats" which shows that people are looking for adsense consultants.

And no matter what you say I believe that the only reason why this blog is on page 1 of Google (and other) search engine results is because of my incorporating the relevent search terms into the content of my site.

No back links, tools, etc - just plain old (like you said) hard work!