Saturday, September 15, 2007

90% Of Adsense Publishers Earning Little To No Money?

Here is an interesting article about how a lot of adsense publishers are earning little to no adsense money.

I find that surprising and quite an ironic twist to my blog post about just how much money are people making with adsense blog post.

Currently I am about $2 away from earning at least the minimum $100 that is required to get an adsense payment in the next month.

So far July 2007 has been my best adsense earning month and August 2007 is my 2nd best and my adsense earnings are increasing every month! For the past 4 months I have always taken a little bit out of my adsense earning to buy myself a celabratory pizza for a job well done! But my adsense earnings have also allowed me to pay some of my bills and you can not beat that!

Don't get me wrong though. I don't just build websites and let them stay still. I have to constantly work on my sites - updating them and adding new content, etc.....

It's a shame that more people aren't earning more from their adsense ads and fortunately I can say that I am not one of them!

  • As of Sunday, September 16, 2007 I have earned the minimum $100 needed to get an adsense payment next month!

  • As of Saturday, September 15th 2007 - I am 40 cents away from earning the minimum $100 needed to get an adsense payment for next month - think I'll make it?

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