Friday, September 21, 2007

Just How Much Money Can I Make With Adsense?

Well, you have the potential to be able to make a LOT of money with adsense - but note that I said "potential"!

A lot depends on a lot of different things! Here is a link to a blog post that I made about just how much money are people making with adsense.

The basic way to earn money with adsense is for you to get the visitors to your site to click on the adsense ads. The more people that click the ads the more you will earn with adsense. Getting the visitors to your site to click on the ads is an "art" form in and of itself. You'll have to constantly monitor the results you are getting and find ways to increase the number of visitors that click on the ads on your site.

An additional way is to include high-paying keyword content into your site. The higher the advertisers pay to put ads on your site the more money you will make. What are high-paying keywords? You can find a lot of websites online that have lists of high-paying keywords. I also have a high-paying keyword list that you can buy via the paypal button on the side of this blog.

You don't have to have a big number of websites in order to make money with adsense. You also don't have to have an enormous amount of visitors to your site either.

What you do need is to constantly monitor the progress of your sites that have the adsense ads on them and see how you can do better to optimize your sites to make more adsense money.

For example on my sites I don't have an enormous amount of traffic and I also don't have an enormous number of websites. However I have made enough in adsense earnings this month to assure that I will get a payment next month. In other words I have already earned the minimum amount of $100 that is necessary to get an adsense payment next month and the month isn't even over with yet!

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