Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Adsense Publishers Are Upset (to say the least!) - Where is the September 2007 Payment!

* Update! - As of 6:30pm EST, the payment in progress line appears for my area - East Coast/Philadelphia area.

Others have reported that the PIP line also appears for those in Ireland and Sweden

Adsense publishers are getting very upset because they have not received their adsense payment for this month (September 2007). What they have to say is not favorable

  • that's what happens when you become a big company you get to screw anybody you want............

  • it's a good thing that I don't depend my life on my adsense payments

  • my payments used to be around the 23rd of the month why is adsense making the payments later and later?

  • I'm very upset with adsense

It may be hard to believe but I have seen people post that they depend on their adsense payments for food! One person wrote that they were starving to death waiting for their adsense payment.

I noticed on Adsense's blog that they made a new entry for September 25th but there was no mention about why the adsense payments are so late this month.

If you want to be kept updated on the latest discussions concerning the payments for September 2007 here are a couple of links:

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