Friday, September 7, 2007

Client The Computer Brother - Increasing Blog Traffic

One of my clients is The Computer Brother. His blog is about computers and computer repair(s) because that is what he is into.

Now that his blog has been created and the adsense ads added, he now has to work on bringing more traffic to his blog. I just sent him a quick email note with one such suggestion so that he can increase the number of visitors to his blog.

This is one of the main important things that you have to remember when you have a blog with adsense ads on it. You want to increase the amount of traffic that you have so that you can increase your adsense earnings.

Now since The Computer Brother is a client, I have started keeping records of the amount of traffic that he is getting so that I can see how his traffic numbers are and what needs to be done to increase the number of people that visit his blog.

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