Thursday, September 13, 2007

"Where Do I Find High-Paying Keywords Without Having To Pay For It?"

"Hello Ms. sister2brother,

Thanks for responding to my question in the AdSense blog. I have a couple more questions if you don't mind.

Here is what you wrote:

You may want to concentrate more on the content of your site. The reason why you are getting such low cpm is because the content of your site is only appealing to low-paying advertisers.

Work on incorporating higher-paying keywords into the content of your site.

There have been times when my cpm rate has reached $1000! Too bad I didn't know what keyword(s) triggered that becuae I would be using it all the time.

How do i find out which Keywords that pay more, and are somewhat associated with my subject matter without buying some "so callled" keyword list?


The most simplest answer to your question is that you have to do the work and find the high-paying keywords.

I have gathered a number of lists that claim to have high-paying keywords and I'm going to experiment using these "high-paying" keywords on both my and my clients sites.

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