Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Payment In Progress? The 25th Of The Month

Every month around this time there is the high anticipation of seeing that all-important "Payment In Progress" line (PIP for short) which means that your adsense payment is being processed

Adsense publishers are waiting with anticipation! But I found a particularly interesting comment on one message board that talked about the PIP line for this month. Someone that posted to this board said that they had given up hope of receiving their adsense payment earlier than the last week of the month. Usually and on average the adsense payment date is usually on the 25th of the month which happens to be today.

Now I was hoping to see the PIP line on my account yesterday but no such luck! So now today I'm waiting again. But I know from past experience (and also from what other people have written and posted) that from my own past records and posts I posted that if there was going to be a PIP line on my account it would occur after 7pm - the last time I noted this the PIP line was on my account at 7:15pm. Now I'm on eastern standard time and the adsense site is operating 3 hours behind me. Someone posted that adsense always waits until after 4 o'clock (which is after the banks close) to post the payments (for those that get their adsense payment by EFT). That kind of means that the earliest one could actually spend their payment would be the next business day.

* I should also mention that for some reason (hopefully its because they are positng the PIPS!) the adsense site seems to be not coming up in any of my browsers. This started at around 5:20pm and at 5:45pm it is still happening.

As of this moment there are a LOT of people that are upset at both Google and Adsense for taking so long to process the payments for this month!

Why Is It

Taking Them So Long

To Process Payments

This Month?????????

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