Friday, September 7, 2007

Do You Have A Click Bomber?

It may be too soon to tell but I think Adsense has gotten wise to one of the click bombers! I checked my adsense stats a few minutes ago and saw that I was visited by a certain click-bomber. Although this person visited a number of my pages none of his clicks were counted as valid and I am hoping this is because of the log information that I sent to adsense.

Just in case you don't know what "click-bombing" is it is when someone bombards your adsense site with clicks - a whole lot of clicks! It looks as suspicious activity to adsense and it may be grounds to cancel your adsense account. Why would someone do this? It could be someone who is just being malicious, someone who has had their adsense account cancelled and they want to take it out on the people that still do have an adsense account or it could be a comptetitor that is trying to get your adsense account cancelled.

When my site is clickbombed I report all the suspicious activity to adsense and I have now started to include a copy of the click-bomber's information that I got from one of my log reports.

So when you check your adsense statistics and you see some suspicious activity such as a very large number of clicks report it to adsense right away!

*Added 9/22/07

Here is a list of sites that have been discussing clickbombing and who they think the clickbomber might be:

added 6/18/08 - Adsense FAQ - Invalid Clicks

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