Sunday, September 2, 2007

New To Adsense? Want To Know More About It?

First of all in order to join the adsense program you have to have a blog or website AND you have to make sure that the blog or website that you have allows you to have adsense ads on it. Some sites like MySpace and others don't allow you to have adsense ads on them. That's why a lot of people start with and start a blog at a site that ENCOURAGES having adsense ads.

When you start your blog or website make sure that you have some content on it. As far as blogs are concerned adsense doesn't accept blogs of a "general" nature which means you should pick a topic for your blog (and/or site)

Once you have done that you can apply for adsense. You have to provide the url of your site or blog so that adsense can approve it. Once your site is approved then you can go through the process of picking the layout of the ads that you want - such as color and size. You do not get to pick the specific ads because they will depend on the content of your site. (One thing I should stress here is that you read adsense's terms of service because they list the kind of sites that won't get approved). When you have picked everything out you will be given some coding that you will have to paste on your site - that is the coding for the ads.

Now the more visitors to your site that click on the ads the more money you will earn. You have to earn at least $100 during the month before adsense will issue you a payment either in check form or by bank transfer. If you don't make $100 during the month your earnings will be rolled over into the next month and so on until you reach $100 and then you will be paid. (So far as of today I'm past the halfway mark-$50)

The basic stragedy of this is that the more people that click on your ads the more money you will earn:

Here is a link to one of my previous blog posts about a list that talks about how much some people have already made with Adsense:

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