Sunday, September 9, 2007

I Found Another Adsense Consultant!

I was reading a blog post from someone who was considering becoming an adsense consultant. His post was a year old so I don't know yet whether or not he decided to pursue becoming an adsense consultant. Like me he noticed that a lot of people were (and still are) having problems with their adsense ads - things like not knowing where to put their adsense codes and a good deal of them are just lamenting about how little adsense money they are making with their sites.

His tactics for charging for his Adsense consulting services are a bit different than mine though. He mentioned something about putting his own adsense ads on his clients sites so that he could also earn from their sites as well. This isn't very appealing to me though and I just charge a straight fee. Not counting the fact that a number of things could go wrong I would much rather prefer charging a straight fee for my adsense consulting services.

Why make something more complicated?

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