Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Reason I Can Call Myself An Adsense Consultant Is Because.....

The reason that I can call myself an Adsense Consultant is because

  • For every month so far this year I have been able to make at least the $100 minimum amount that adsense requires in order to issue a payment. I have had adsense since late last year and it took me two months to get my first adsense payment. I think my first month with adsense I made something like $22. The 2nd month I managed to make $99 so I was able to earn at least the minimum $100 the 2nd month to get my very first adsense payment.

  • I have a few clients "under my belt" now.

  • I have worked a lot with building up my and my client's adsense accounts.

  • I have done a lot of technical programming that has to do with the adsense coding.

  • I have had my "ups and downs" with adsense too

Now in case you're wondering why you don't see any adsense ads in this blog it is because it is against adsense's terms of service to have the name "adsense" in one's url - so that is why you don't see any adsense ads here.

It is a good lesson to learn because one of the most important things about keeping one's adsense account is that you follow the rules of adsense's terms of service.

You can see the adsense ads on my Blog Consultant Blog.

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