Monday, September 24, 2007

Adsense Referrals - Are They Worth It?

The jury seems to be "out" on this issue.

When asked the question of whether or not putting the adsense referral ads on one's site would increase their adsense earnings even more, the replies were not all that favorable. There was even some grumbling about how placing referral ads on one's site would benefit everyone BUT the website publisher!

A few people have said that when they first put the referral ads on their site(s) they did get more income from them but that didn't last for more than the first month that the ads were put on the site.

Personally I have just started to add the adsense referral ads to some of my sites and its just too early to tell of any results yet.

My best piece of advice would be for you to experiment with the adsense refferal ads. Make sure you pick ads that are related to the content of your site.

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