Saturday, September 1, 2007

Do NOT Delete Your Blog!

I was going to go through the process of deleting my Adsense Consulting blog. But afterwards I read an interesting post about why one should NOT delete their blog.

It seems that there are lots of spammers out there that love to get a hold of recently deleted blogs and claim them so that they can put their spam content on it. Now you may think that since you are going to delete your blog then it shouldn't matter to you but you would be wrong! You see even though you deleted your blog it is still being indexed in the search engines so when people see a link to your "recently deleted" blog they may click on the link to the blog and they will be welcomed with a lot of spam messages.

This same thing holds true for those of you that are re-naming your blog as well.

The advice is to keep the blog that you want to delete for a while. Erase all the posts that you have made to the blog and then hold on to that blog until it doesn't show in the search engines anymore.

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