Friday, September 7, 2007

Some Tips And Advice For Optimizing Your Adsense Earnings!

Here are some things that you can do to help optimize your adsense earnings:

  • Blend in your adsense ads with the layout of your site. Take a look at my Blog Consultant Blog and notice how the ads blend in with the colors of the blog itself! This is an often advised piece of advice when it comes to optimizing one's adsense ads to increase their earnings but a lot of people don't seem to follow this good piece of advice! When you are picking the colors for your adsense ads you are given the option of either choosing adsense's already premade palettes or you can create color palettes of your own.

    Now of course there are some sites that purposely make their ads look different than the colors used on their site and it seems to work for them - so they say. So my best piece of advice here would be for you to experiment to see what works best and brings in the most adsense earning for your site

  • "Above the fold" - This simply means that you should place at least some of your adsense ads at the top of your site so that it is the first thing that your site visitors will see - making it more likely that they would click on the ads!

I will be adding more tips as time goes by

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